ADNeT screening for trials and memory clinics – webinar tells you how to access

The Australian Dementia Network (ADNeT) screening and trials initiative seeks to give more Australians access to the latest potential therapies to prevent or treat dementia through participation in clinical trials.

A recent webinar presented by Professor Christopher Rowe and A/Professor Michael Woodward discusses how the ADNeT Screening and Trials program provides free access to amyloid PET, as well as the critical importance of memory clinics in preventing and curing disease of ageing.

Objectives of this webinar:

  1. To inform clinicians of the Australian Dementia Network Screening for Trials program now available in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.
  2. Discuss the clinical value of amyloid PET or CSF and forthcoming P-tau blood tests in the diagnosis of cognitive decline.
  3. Explain how to access the ADNeT Screening program to obtain amyloid PET and direct your patients to the most appropriate clinical trial.
  4. Discuss why memory clinics should participate in research into cognitive disorders and their treatment.
  5. Provide examples of important treatment trials currently recruiting.

Watch the webinar at

The ADNeT screening program also offers people with dementia diagnostic certainty, by providing free and unique access to amyloid and Tau PET scans, MRI brain scans and cognitive assessments (eligibility applies). With new trials underway, the ADNeT screening program has resumed with strict adherence to COVID-19 safety measures and are accepting patient referrals from clinicians.

Contact or (03) 9389 2938 for more information and to refer your patient.