ADNeT Technology


The Australian Dementia Network Technology initiative is developing systems never before seen in Australia in the realm of brain disorders.  

The initiative provides the information technology infrastructure to support the network’s activities across the registry, clinics and trials projects. This includes building the technology systems required to safely and securely capture, store and share essential anonymous biological data for research purposes.  

Australia has the technological base and collegial approach for services to work together, but until now, project-driven and health service demands have underpinned a fractionated set of platforms and protocols. The systems being built by ADNeT’s Technology stream will provide a harmonised platform and protocols across state and territory jurisdictions for the acquisition, storage and sharing of data for dementia research – a first for Australia.   


This Technology initiative is:  

  • Providing IT infrastructure across the network 
  • Using machine learning to developing algorithms to identify suitable participants for clinical trials  
  • Developing and harmonising protocols  
  • Hosting, processing, analysing and sharing complex multimodal data 

Milestones and next steps 

The CSIRO is the Australian Dementia Network’s Technology partner. In collaboration with the CSIRO, the Australian Dementia Network has developed a volunteer portal to support patient recruitment for clinical trials. The portal has been tested internally and will launch in mid-2020.  

A common technological base to support all the network’s activities is also being developed. In addition, a secure biological data repository supporting access by researchers Australia-wide, spanning different state and territory jurisdictions, is also being built. This stores data fed in from the Clinical Quality Registry, the Volunteer Portal, and includes a core facility storing imaging, genetic, clinical, lifestyle and biological data.  

Ultimately, the Australian Dementia Network is creating a trial-ready cohort of 1000 people, many of whom have yet to develop symptoms, to advance dementia treatments. The technological systems are being developed to support this goal.