ADNeT Neuropsychological Norming Tool | Registration Form

The Australian Dementia Network Neuropsychology Norming Tool (ANNT) is a web application designed for clinical neuropsychologists that automatically calculates normative data for a range of neuropsychological tests and produces a report for clinical or research purposes. It was developed by the CSIRO and ADNeT Memory Clinics teams in collaboration. It is aimed for use in Australian Memory and Cognition Clinics as a means of facilitating greater harmonisation of neuropsychological assessments between clinics.

Instructions for use of the ANNT:

  • Before first-time use, please register yourself by completing the registration form below. By registering, you agree to our Terms and Conditions when you are using the ANNT. Importantly, we ask that you do not share with other colleagues or Memory and Cognition Clinics the provided Username and Password, but rather redirect them to this webpage that they may register for their use of the ANNT.
  • Where you have previously registered and have been sent a Username and Password to your registered e-mail address, please access the ANNT via the unique link included in the email.