Welcome to the Australian Dementia Network

Welcome to the Australian Dementia Network

Bringing together Australia’s leading researchers, clinicians and consumers to create a powerful network for dementia prevention, treatment and care.

The Australian Dementia Network is a network of leading scientists and researchers from across 15 institutions, working together with the aim of:

  • establishing the first dementia clinical quality registry to track, benchmark, and report on the clinical care of people with dementia (Registry);
  • establishing consistent best practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of dementia (Memory Clinics);
  • facilitating the development of effective therapies by providing detailed dementia screening of patients suitable for participation in clinical trials (Screening and Trials).

The Australian Dementia Forum 2021

The Australian Dementia Forum is the premier event for Australian dementia research, bringing together dementia researchers, health professionals, and policy makers, as well as people living with dementia and their families and carers. Eight extraordinary international speakers have already accepted to deliver keynote addresses at the ADF2021.

Visit the conference website for more information.

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