ADNeT governance structure leads and manages the ADNeT program. Designed to facilitate the collaborative, training, and translational aims of ADNeT, governance consists of a Director, Deputy Director, Management Committee, Full Committee, and Initiative Subcommittees.

ADNeT Management Committee

ADNeT Central Governance Team

ADNeT Management Committee

The ADNeT Management Committee provides oversights and guidance for the network in the pursuit of its objectives. Its key responsibilities include:

  • providing strategic advice to the Director in respect of the network and its general operating principles in accordance with the Funding Agreement and funding rules;
  • planning for ADNeT strategic activities;
  • acilitating the delivery of initiatives, including setting milestones and monitoring progress of all initiatives, in order to meet the requirements of the Funding Agreement and any other funding arrangements;
  • providing advice to the Director in relation to the annual budget;
  • reviewing and evaluating funding proposals;
  • undertaking regular review of all ADNeT activities to monitor progress against the strategic objectives and to ensure participating institution’s expectations are met.

Membership of the ADNeT Management Committee includes representations across the network’s initiatives and enabling functions.

Prof Christopher Rowe

Screening & Trials Co-Lead

Colin Masters

Screening & Trials Co-Lead

Ralph Martins

Chief Investigator

Stephanie Ward

Clinical Quality Registry Lead

Susannah Ahern

Clinical Quality Registry Academic Lead

Cherry Ann Santos

Chief Operations Officer

Tuan Nguyen


Prof Perminder Sachdev

Deputy Director
Memory Clinics Co-Lead

Sharon Naismith

Memory Clinics Co-Lead

Michael Breakspear

Technology Lead

Jurgen Fripp

Technology Academic Lead

Peter Schofield

Business Development Lead

Larry Ward

Business Manager

ADNeT Central Governance

Cherry Santos

Chief Operations Officer

Erique Mai

Senior Program Manager

Alida Apostoloudas

Senior Programs Officer

Melanie Pierre Louis

Program Officer

Matylda Buczko

Communications Coordinator