The Australia Dementia Network Memory Clinics Network

Memory clinics are specialised centres for the assessment of persons with cognitive disorders, including dementia.

At present, there are no standards for how to conduct diagnostic procedures, interventions, or research,  or for the organisation and structure of memory clinics, and these vary widely.

The Australian Dementia Network Memory Clinics initiative aims to bring memory clinic clinicians together in a collaborative network and to provide a framework for the operation of memory clinics.

This will help to harmonise diagnostic and post-diagnostic support pathways and to ensure that all Australians have access to high-quality dementia assessments, no matter where they are located.

Our strategies:

  • Development of national memory clinic best-practice and consensus guidelines in consultation with health professionals and people with lived experience of dementia
  • Publication of a national list of memory clinic services across Australia to facilitate access to these services
  • Establishment of a collaborative memory clinic network
  • Provision of professional development and training opportunities for memory clinic clinicians
    • Scoping training needs across the country
    • Providing a peer support program
    • Organising seminars, webinars and networking events
    • Providing memory clinic specific training material
  • Development of resources for clinicians that support them in their everyday practice, such as
    • Automated Neuropsychology Norming Tool
    • Automated Risk-Reduction Report
  • Liaison with primary health care providers and policy makers
    • Achieve greater harmonisation of diagnostic pathways
    • Develop strong basis for the development of sustainable post-diagnostic support models

Join the network!

Every clinician who conducts specialised dementia assessments – no matter if you work for a memory clinic or a different assessment service – and every dementia researcher is welcome to join the network. Please your interest to become a part of the Australian Memory Clinic network and we will connect you.


Phone: +61 (2) 9385 7601

ADNeT-Memory Clinics (national & NSW)

CHeBA (Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing)
UNSW Medicine, School of Psychiatry
Level 1, AGSM (G27)
Gate 11, Botany Street
UNSW Sydney, NSW, 2052

ADNeT-Memory Clinics (WA)

School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Edith Cowan University
Level 2, Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute
8 Verdun Street
Nedlands, WA, 6009