Cost-free dementia screening

ADNeT has recently received ethics approval to commence dementia screening at Macquarie University in Sydney and at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide.  These two sites will be added soon to the screening sites operating in Melbourne and Perth.

Clinicians, GPs as well as private and public memory clinics are welcome to refer individuals with suspected early stage Alzheimer’s disease to these screening sites for free screening and assessment.

Once ADNeT receives the patient’s information, they will go through an assessment process that involves initial phone screening to confirm suitability for program. This is followed by in person visits for amyloid PET scan, MRI, and neuropsychological assessment.  At the completion of the assessment, the referring doctor will receive a comprehensive report of the results. To date, 600 patients have been screened in Melbourne alone.

For more information, contact Dr Jo Robertson, Clinical Neuropsychologist (MPsych, PhD), Screening and Trials Coordinator via or visit