ADNeT 2022 – A Year in Review

Despite the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 we continued to face in 2022, a slow “return-to-normal” did not slow down the work we achieved at ADNeT.

Key achievements include:

  • ADNeT successfully hosted the Australian Dementia Forum in May 2022 and we have begun preparations for the next Forum on the sunny Gold Coast in 2023. Call for Abstracts closes on 31 January 2023. I hope to see you all there next year.
  • The Australian Dementia Network began work to conduct a world-first pilot trial aiming to evaluate the impact of novel blood-tests on a doctor’s clinical diagnosis, confidence and management for persons attending a Memory Clinic with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia.
  • The ADNeT Clinical Quality Registry released their first Annual Report providing a “report card” on the quality of care being delivered to Australians diagnosed with dementia and mild cognitive impairment.
  • The ADNeT Registry is thriving with 74 agreed memory clinics and 53 specialist sites contributing data, spanning 6 states and both urban and rural regions. 2,347 patients are now in the Registry, with recruitment accelerating at >350 a month.
  • Expanding the Memory Clinics network to include almost 150 specialised dementia assessment services.
  • The ADNeT Memory Clinics Initiative launched the ADNeT Neuropsychological Norming Tool (ANNT) as a means of facilitating greater harmonisation of neuropsychological assessment between clinics.
  • ADNeT is currently recruiting participants for Eisai’s AHEAD Study in VIC, NSW, WA and SA, using the highly-anticipated lecanemab, to see if the drug given every fortnight for 4 years can now delay or stop the development of Alzheimer’s Disease in persons over 55 year of age with brain amyloid plaques but who are yet to develop significant memory decline or other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • ADNeT Screening and Trials has over 3,000  volunteers registered on the Research Volunteer Web Portal. We continue to screen patients for detailed assessment and possible referral to clinical trials. The Research Volunteer Portal continues to garner much public interest. We encourage you to go and register. Healthy volunteers are welcome.
  • ADNeT published 16 webinars to our YouTube Channel in 2022. Be sure to check them out!