Recruitment for clinical trials of lecanemab in Australia

Lecanemab drug trials are being conducted in Australia and immediate access to these ground-breaking drugs is attainable through participation in clinical trials facilitated by ADNeT. Studies have shown that lecanamab can slow cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by up to 40 per cent.

ADNeT is currently recruiting participants for Eisai’s AHEAD Study in VIC, NSW, WA and SA, using lecanemab, to see if the drug can replicate findings of reducing or stopping the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Professor Chris Rowe said, “This is not a cure but it is a vital first step towards prevention and treatment of dementia.”

Early detection is key, paving the way for timely application of Alzheimer’s disease modifying therapies. ADNeT is at the forefront, evaluating the impact of a blood test for AD in specialist memory clinics and primary care. The aim is to reduce the average > 3-year delay from symptom onset to diagnosis. The Department of Health and Aged Care granted funding to ADNeT  for this important work.

This development holds promise for reducing the incidence of dementia in Australia. With over 400,000 Australians currently grappling with dementia, a condition that stands as the leading cause of death in women, and with AD responsible for 70% of these cases, the potential impact on public health is substantial.

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