ADNeT neuropsychology norming tool. A time-saver for neuropsychologists!

ADNeT-Memory Clinics is currently developing an electronic neuropsychology assessment tool with automated norm data comparison. The tool allows the clinician to produce a report that provides an overview of the client’s overall performance profile. We hope that this tool will save the neuropsychologists the time usually required to conduct a manual norm data comparison and facilitate documentation of test results.

To ensure that the tool is most useful for your everyday clinical practice, we are currently looking for neuropsychologists who would like to pilot the tool in their clinical practice and provide feedback.

If you are:

  • a neuropsychologist or clinical psychologist
  • specialised in the assessment of dementia and cognitive decline
  • interested to test the new neuropsychology norming tool in your practice and provide feedback

… please send an email to to register your interest.