Recruitment for new anti-amyloid antibody clinical trial underway

Recruitment has begun for the AHEAD 3-45 study, a clinical trial of an anti-amyloid antibody that has been shown to remove brain amyloid plaques. This important new study will use the drug BAN2401 in participants who have no symptoms but are found to have brain amyloid plaques on a PET brain scan. It is hoped that removing plaques before problems develop will delay or stop the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

BAN2401 is one of four antibodies now shown to be effective in removing plaques in persons with mild Alzheimer’s disease. In most studies, this has been associated with slowing the decline in day-to-day function of the participants.

These trials are vital to advancing the development of new treatments for dementia.

If you are between the ages of 55-80 and have normal memory, we encourage you to participate in this study. You will be helping us to find a cure for dementia. Register your interest on the Australian Dementia Network’s webpage volunteer page.