Dismantling Dementia

The Australian Dementia Network has launched a new dementia prevention and treatment trial volunteer register in preparation for new dementia trials about to start.

“One of the most important trials coming to Australia will test whether removing amyloid plaques that are the main feature of Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms emerge will stop or delay dementia developing,” ADNeT director, Melbourne University Professor, and leading neuroscientist Professor Chris Rowe said.

ADNeT will select those at highest risk of developing dementia based on the information entered on the research volunteer register and offer them an amyloid PET scan. If this detects amyloid plaques then participation in clinical trials will be discussed and referral to a clinical trial site will be made if requested by the participant.

Multiple media outlets followed the announcement with print articles and interviews.

The response has been tremendous and we thank those people who have already volunteered and call on others to consider this great opportunity to help find a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. We particularly need more volunteers in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle.

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