ISLAND clinic provides first of a kind diagnostic partnership for Tasmanians

The ISLAND clinic is a dedicated weekly diagnostic clinic in Hobart and established through involvement with ADNeT. The ISLAND clinic and I-MED Radiology have started working in collaboration to offer state of the art MRIs to dementia and cognition clinic patients in Tasmania.

ISLAND Clinic doctors and staff work with Dr Jak Ma, specialist neuroradiologist, from I-MED Radiology, in an invaluable service for Tasmanian residents. Dr Katharine Salmon is a Hobart based GP working as ADNeT’s clinical co-coordinator in the ISLAND clinic.

Dr Salmon said, “Tasmanians are very fortunate to have access to this excellent diagnostic and research clinic. It offers the benefit of direct access to the best diagnostic services Tasmania can offer, through one clinic, one location and often in one appointment. I-MED’s contribution to this multidisciplinary model is invaluable to the quality and timely service we are able to offer to Tasmanians.”

In addition to the ISLAND clinic’s partnership with I-MED Radiology, regular patient data is submitted to the ADNeT clinical registry and blood biomarkers are collected alongside a range of comprehensive research data from referred patients who consent to participate in research.

Dr Salmon added, “We are confident that our contribution to ADNeT will add to the knowledge of dementia and MCI in Australia and assist towards future planning and research.”

Back row, L-R – Kate Lawler, Kim Kennedy, Katharine Salmon, Alison Cleary, Jane Alty
Front row – L-R – Leigh Klein, Madeleine Beaumont, Scott McDonald

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