ADNeT recruiting participants to trial promising new Alzheimer’s drug treatment Lecanemab

ADNeT Director Professor Chris Rowe spoke with 3AW regarding the recent and highly anticipated results from Phase III Lecanemab trials, which show the drug clearing amyloid plaques in the brain -believed to be a leading cause of Alzheimer’s Disease- and reducing cognitive decline by 27%. ADNeT is currently recruiting participants for Eisai’s AHEAD Study in VIC, NSW WA and SA, using Lecanemab, to see if the drug can replicate findings of reducing or stopping the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Professor Rowe said, “This is not a cure but it is a vital first step towards prevention, treatment and cure of dementia.”

Listen to the interview below and if you are interested in signing up to participate in clinical trials, register your interest through the ANDeT Volunteer Register.