Australian government funds project to boost quality and safety across aged care sector

The Australian Consortium for Aged Care (ACAC) was recently awarded $3 million in Federal Government funding to implement the Quality Measurement Toolbox (QMET) nationwide, across aged care services and providers around Australia, in order to compare their quality of care.

The ADNeT Registry is a member of ACAC, a national consortium of Australia’s leading researchers in aged care and implementation science and is enthusiastic to be a part of the project.

Quality measurement has been identified as fundamental to ensuring the accountability and transparency among aged care services and providers that is central to overall improvement.

Led by SAHMRI’s Registry of Senior Australians (ROSA) Director Professor Maria Inacio, the three-year project will establish the ACAC-QMET Coordinating Centre, forging the infrastructure necessary to ensure the effective implementation of QMET.

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