ADNeT News – February 2023

From the Director, Prof Chris Rowe

Welcome to the first ADNeT newsletter of 2023.

In the short space of 2023, we have seen dementia come to the forefront of public health attention. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently confirmed dementia is now the number one cause of disease burden in Australia, surpassing coronary heart disease for the first time. Although a dementia diagnosis is always confronting and challenging for individuals and their families and carers, it is so important to continue to bring awareness to this syndrome which will affect over 800,000 Australians by 2058.

In this issue, we explore what frontal temporal dementia is, share preventative lifestyle factors for dementia and keep you updated with current ADNeT news and events.

Please find this months latest news in the News section on the ADNeT website. I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.