Webinar | The Importance of a National Accreditation Program for Memory Clinics: insights and learnings from both the United Kingdom and Australian models

Part 1 | The development and benefits of MSNAP – the UK Memory Services National Accreditation Programme

Prof Orrell led the development of the UK Memory Services National Accreditation Programme (MSNAP) standards from the initial workshop and ideas, through the piloting phase and going on to chair the standards committee for 14 years. In the first part of this webinar, Prof Orrell will describe the need for the quality improvement process, how the initial standards were developed and evaluated including associated research, involvement of carers and patients in the review process. He will also highlight the wider benefits to members including the webinars, annual forum, and the opportunities to be involved in reviews and further development.

Part 2 | Australian Memory and Cognition Clinic Guidelines – Version 2: learnings after 1 year of Guideline Implementation

In November 2021 the first national Memory and Cognition Clinic Guidelines were published by the ADNeT-Memory Clinic initiative. Based on the UK’s example, a Monitoring and Quality Improvement Pilot Program (MQIPP) was conducted to explore in how far the Memory Clinics’ current practices adhere to the Guidelines. Seven clinics from five different states, including private and regional services, participated in the pilot program. Dr Mehrani’s presentation will summarise the key findings of the MQIPP and outline Guideline changes which will be made in response. She will also provide further details on the development of new standards tailored to the needs of Memory Clinic clients with intellectual disability and clients with a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Background (CALD) and future implementation plans.

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