ADNeT Central Governance Team immerses in virtual reality

The ADNeT Central Governance Team visited Dementia Australia for a session showcasing their virtual reality technology EDIE (Educational Dementia Immersive Experience, pronounced “Eddie”).

This immersive experience enables participants to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia by utilising high quality virtual reality technology. The EDIE experience enhances your knowledge of dementia whilst exploring a supportive approach to living more confidently with dementia.

For the ADNeT team, there are valuable lessons to help promote simple and easily modifiable changes to the daily activities of a person living with dementia. An interesting takeaway from the session is the recognition that small changes in the design of the environment, such as adequate lighting, contrasting colours and reducing clutter, can yield a significantly positive enhancement to the experience of and quality of life for those living with dementia.  

Dementia Australia offers this program to carers in aged care facilities and families of those living with dementia, and explores what it may feel like to experience dementia, care for someone living with dementia and to work in partnership to identify support needs and develop a support plan.

We thank Marie Norman and Garrie O’Toole from Dementia Australia for their insights into this valuable program and educational tool.

Find out more about the program here.