Smartphone App – a one-stop repository for dementia trials

In another development also aimed at increasing access to clinical trials, ADNeT has joined forces with Neuroscience Trials Australia and with ClinRefer to launch the Dementia Trial App on the ClinTrial Refer App platform.

By downloading this free app (ClinTrial Refer) to a smart phone, both clinicians and patients will have access to the latest information on dementia trials available in Australia, as well as information about recruitment status, trial sites and contacts.  Clinicians can use the app to directly refer their patients to a trial.

The app is easy to use and lists all clinical trials in the country by medical area or condition. A web version of the app is available at (search all trials > discipline: neurology > dementia).

“While both patients and clinicians can refer directly to a trial via the app, we recommend that they come through ADNeT to be informed of all available options and then be matched to a suitable trial and maximise their chances of being recruited”, said Prof Chris Rowe.