ADNeT News September 2022

From the Director, Prof Chris Rowe

Welcome to the September 2022 edition of the ADNeT newsletter.

As we welcome the new season changes, we have also revamped the ADNeT newsletter. We hope you enjoy the new look.

It’s certainly been an exciting month for developments in Alzheimer’s and dementia treatments, with the highly-anticipated results from Phase 3 trials of Lecanemab released with promising results, and more drug therapies soon to follow. ADNeT is excited to be a part of driving these new therapies through trials in Australia, to benefit Australians living with Alzheimer’s disease.

We also welcome the launch of the WHO Dementia Research Blueprint, which aims to provide clear direction to make dementia research a global priority and stimulate new innovations.

Please head over to our news section for the latest news, updates and events. I hope you enjoy this month’s news.