Lecture: The Long-term Impacts of the Pandemic on the Mental Health of Carers of People with Living Dementia

Clarissa Giebel is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool, and her research is exploring inequalities in dementia care and ageing, and how these inequalities can be overcome. Dr Giebel will share some of the findings from her UK-based research into how the pandemic has affected unpaid carers whose relatives reside at home or in care homes, and how these findings confirm global research as synthesised in a recent systematic review.

Having spoken to paid and unpaid carers in the care home sector, her study found severe emotional and mental wellbeing impacts as a result of the pandemic restrictions. The recent international systematic review, with included studies from 18 countries, further expands on these emotional impacts on carers. These findings underpin a currently funded study into the unmet mental health needs of paid and unpaid dementia carers, with the aim of developing targeted interventions.

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Event Date: Tuesday, 15 November, 12:00pm
Location: Boral Theatre, AGSM Building (G27), Gate 11, Botany St, UNSW Sydney Campus, Kensington NSW
Event type: Lecture
Event open to: All welcome
Cost: Free
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